Buizel with attitude

One goodbye down, one to go

Yesterday I had to say goodbye to my friends at church, and I wasn't looking forward to that at all.

Thankfully attendance was pretty low, since there was a pre-teen camp starting and many people were out of town to drop off kids. There were a couple of tearful hugs and goodbyes, but I think I made it through all right.

My pastor announced that it was my last week there in the announcement period! Then he said the congregation should give me a round of applause and they did, yikes! The introvert in me wanted to dive under the pew and hide there, but I didn't, of course. My pastor did not give the sermon, a local elder did, and when got up to speak he said, "well, we're finally getting rid of one of our problems!" referring to me, of course, which gave everyone a laugh. He's known me since I was nine years old, as he was our pastor when my family moved to Victoria. Then at the end of the service, the song leader led my favorite hymn to close out the service! I'm really close with him and his girlfriend, and she'd actually suggested he lead it since it's my last week. Everyone was so kind and sweet, and I'm sad about moving and trying to fit in to another congregation. I've attended here in Austin for 19 years!

After church we went to the home of some friends who invited us for dinner. Sarah has a large wood burning oven outside, and she made pizza for us. We were having a grand time until a visitor staying with them brought up a subject that resulted in some heated conversation - no arguing or real debates but give and take conversation - but I certainly felt the fellow was in the wrong and it was a serious issue to me. I won't air it here, but I feel frustrated that there is a contingent with the same viewpoint as this guy...and he's from Dallas. This is the young adult environment I'm going to be stepping into, just great. When he said the felt about 80% of the young adult group up there have this same viewpoint, I just said to myself, well, I know who to avoid then. Not always, certainly, but when they're talking about this, I just won't be a part of it. At 33, I'm too old to be considered a young adult, anyway, having moved out of my 20's. I want no part of this, that's for sure.

So that was not the way I really wanted to say bye to some of my fellow church members in one of their homes, but there you have it, that's what happened. Taking a positive from it, I can say that at least I won't be blindsided when it inevitably comes up while I'm there.

So, I have said my goodbyes to the people dear to me at church, and next is work on Wednesday. That'll be the extremely tough one. People from church, I shall see again. In all likelihood, there are people from work that I will never see again in this life, and I can say that I'm close with each and every one of them. I won't dwell upon it now but face it as well as I can on Wednesday.

Today I need to go shopping for a few last things and do some packing. Since the apartments there are fully furnished, I really just need to pack up my clothes and cleaning supplies I'm taking. Since I'm still using my clothing, I've decided that I'm going to do all my laundry today, plan my outfits for the remainder of my time at work, and pack most of the rest of the clothes I'm taking. Then on Thursday, which is a day I'm using to wrap up loose ends, I'll wash all my dirty clothes and pack the rest. I'll need to go to the bank and the post office and take care of whatever else rears its head within that time.

I can hardly believe I'm less than a week from moving!

Until next time!